About Us

Ripple Effect Arts and Literature Society was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2005. Our mission is to support programs and activities that contribute to the development and appreciation of the arts, culture and environment in Canada, with a focus on the province of British Columbia. We have hosted and partnered with other groups to produce many events in the Metro Vancouver area, including literary readings, walking tours, festivals and fundraisers.

Ripple Effect’s Youth Literacy in Arts Program has been actively promoting excellence in creative writing and visual art by British Columbia secondary students for well over a decade through the publication of Wordscapes (2001-2008), and working with BCTELA to produce Voices Visible (2010-present). Over the years, hundreds of emerging youth writers and artists from across the province have been featured in the pages of these journals, and thousands of copies have been distributed to students, teachers, and school libraries.

Visit our events and publications pages to find out more about our past and current activities.

Board of Directors

Patrick Robertson (Chair), Carlos Ormond (Secretary/Treasurer), Justin Russell, Vanessa Violini

Acting Executive Director: David Samis

Ripple Effect Arts and Literature Society is a volunteer-run organization.